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Drizzle Rain Perfume

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Drizzle Rain Perfumefor male (Eau de Toilette)


Drizzie Rain Perfume is a truly unforgettable fragrance that exudes a mysterious and captivating allure, much like the nourishing rain that falls on the earth during the night.

The unique scent of this perfume leaves a lasting impression, immersing you in a deep and distinctive ambiance.

Whether it's a romantic date or a party, Drizzie Rain Perfume enhances your aura, showcasing your unique charm and personality.

With Drizzie Rain Perfume, add a touch of mystery and romance to your everyday life.

Fragrance: Leather, Blue Sage, Freesia, Air Night, Teakwood, Rain, Fresh Cotton, Amber 

Specifications: 10ML

Eau de Toilette: Lasts for about 2-3 hours
(Aroma changes and time will be affected by the environment, body temperature, and personal skin quality)

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