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Jasmine Perfume

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Jasmine Perfume for Female (Eau de Toilette)

Jasmine Blossom Perfume is an intoxicating product, with its fragrance derived from jasmine flower ingredients.

Jasmine flowers are revered in culture as symbols of love and romance, and this perfume exudes a unique and enchanting aroma.

Every time you spray this perfume, you can feel a touch of natural freshness amidst the bustling city, transporting you to a serene and peaceful environment.

Jasmine Blossom Perfume is a fragrance that embodies simplicity and elegance while preserving its unique cultural characteristics, making it suitable for any occasion.

This is an excellent choice that you shouldn't miss out on.


Fragrance: Hibiscus, Lily, Sakura, Jasmine, YlangYlang, Vanilla

Specifications: 10ML

Eau de Toilette:
 Lasts for about 2-3 hours
(Aroma changes and time will be affected by the environment, body temperature, and personal skin quality)

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