Alberto Morillas

Alberto Morillas

Alberto Morillas is one of the most prolific and acclaimed perfumers in the world. He has created over 7000 fragrances for various brands, including some of the most iconic and popular ones, such as Calvin Klein CK One, Giorgio Armani Acqua di Giò, Marc Jacobs Daisy, and Bvlgari Goldea. He is a master perfumer at Swiss fragrance and flavor firm dsm-firmenich, where he has worked since 1970. He also has his own independent line called Mizensir, which offers perfumes and candles.

Morillas was born in 1950 in Seville, Spain, and moved to Switzerland at the age of ten. He studied for two years at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Geneva, where he discovered his passion for perfumery after reading an article about Jean-Paul Guerlain. He is mostly self-taught as a perfumer, and learned by experimenting with different ingredients and techniques.

Morillas is known for his refined style and his innovation in using various notes and materials in perfumery. He is especially famous for popularizing the fig note in the mid-1990s with fragrances such as Premier Figuier and Philosykos. He is also adept at creating fresh and radiant citrus scents, such as CK One, which was one of the first unisex fragrances in the market. He has a talent for creating atmospheres and capturing the authenticity of a single moment with his compositions. He is inspired by echoes of everyday life and nature, fleeting emotions, moods, details, attitudes and the many small fragments of life that bear new images.

Morillas has won numerous awards and recognition for his work as a perfumer. He was the first recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Fragrance Foundation in 2003. He also won the Prix François Coty in the same year. He has been honored by various magazines and organizations as one of the best perfumers of all time.

Morillas lives in Geneva with his wife, who helps him run his Mizensir line. He is also passionate about gardening, which he considers as a source of relaxation and inspiration. He continues to create new fragrances for different clients and projects, always seeking to express his vision and emotion through scent.