Michel Almairac

Michel Almairac

Michel Almairac: A Perfumer with a Mentor

Michel Almairac is a French perfumer who has worked for the fragrance firm Robertet since 1996. He is known for his versatile, creative, and elegant style of composition, as well as his mentorship of young and aspiring perfumers. He has created or collaborated in the creation of over 100 fragrances for various brands, such as Burberry, Chloé, Gucci, Montblanc, and Zadig & Voltaire.

Michel Almairac was born in Grasse, the capital of perfume, in 1953. He had an interest in perfumery since his childhood, and enrolled at the Roure Perfumery School, which later became the elite school for the Givaudan Group. He graduated in 1976, and joined the perfumery company Charabot, where he worked for three years. He then moved to the Netherlands, where he joined the fine fragrance lab at Quest International. In 1988, he joined the firm of PFW Aroma Chemicals, where he met perfumer Annick Ménardo, who became his mentor and influenced his work. In 1990, he moved to Geneva, where he joined the fragrance and flavor conglomerate Firmenich, where he worked for six years. In 1996, he moved back to Grasse, where he joined the fragrance firm Robertet, where he still works today.

At Robertet, Michel Almairac has created or collaborated in the creation of many successful and memorable fragrances, such as:

• Burberry Body, a woody and powdery scent that was the signature fragrance of Burberry, launched in 2011.

• Chloé Signature, a fresh and floral scent that was the debut fragrance of Chloé, launched in 2008.

• Gucci Rush, a fruity and oriental scent that was the first fragrance of Gucci, launched in 1999.

• Montblanc Starwalker, a citrus and woody scent that was the signature fragrance of Montblanc, launched in 2005.

• Zadig & Voltaire This is Her!, a sweet and gourmand scent that was the debut fragrance of Zadig & Voltaire, launched in 2016.

Michel Almairac is a perfumer who combines his experience and his curiosity to create fragrances that are original, refined, and captivating. He is not afraid to experiment with different and unconventional materials, such as aldehydes, leather, and oud. He is also known for his minimalist and harmonious approach, where he uses only a few notes to create a complex and balanced effect. He is a perfumer who respects the traditions and the innovations of the perfume industry, and who continues to inspire and delight the world with his olfactory creations. He is also a perfumer who shares his knowledge and his passion with the next generation of perfumers, such as his son Benjamin Almairac, who is the founder and creative director of the niche perfume brand Parle Moi de Parfum.