About us

Blacksmith Hong Kong Investment was established in 2022 by its founder, Elon, who aims to propel the local perfume industry to the international stage and make perfumes more accessible to everyone so that they can enjoy the beauty of fragrance.

The company adheres to using high-quality ingredients and employs exquisite craftsmanship to manufacture their products locally in Hong Kong, ensuring that every bottle of perfume meets their high standards.

In addition to their focus on perfume production, Blacksmith Hong Kong Investment is committed to researching novel scent formulas, continually innovating and offering consumers a more diverse fragrance experience.

The perfumes produced by Blacksmith Hong Kong Investment are not just mere products, but also a means of healing the soul and conveying emotions.

As a company dedicated to perfume manufacturing, As a company focused on perfume manufacturing, Blacksmith Hong Kong Investment is constantly improving and bringing more surprises to the market, with the aspiration to become a leading brand in Hong Kong.