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Gardenia Perfume

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Gardenia Perfume for Female ( Eau de Toilette )

Gardenia Blossom Perfume is a fragrance characterized by its gentle and delicate floral scent, making it a favorite among many women.

Its aromatic fragrance is extremely unique, with a hint of freshness.

Whether it's in everyday life or during a romantic date, Gardenia Blossom Perfume makes you feel confident, at ease, and exudes an elegant and noble aura.

Choosing Gardenia Blossom Perfume means choosing a beautiful and charming way of life.


Fragrance: Gardenia

Specifications: 10ML

Eau de Toilette:
 Lasts for about 2-3 hours
(Aroma changes and time will be affected by the environment, body temperature, and personal skin quality)

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